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We have come to the end of the season - and what a season we have had! The competitions were hotly contested, resulting in some very creative and high quality images, some of which can be seen below. The summer break is the time to get those creative juices flowing in preparation for next seasons competitions, starting with the coveted Bradford Abbas shield. This years brief is Shadows, so there will be no shortage of subject matter between sunrise and sunset. Close on the heels of the BA Shield is the fantastic Overton Cup B & W contest - a definite club favourite, followed by our Shoot a Theme feature, which this year is Graffiti. Fortune favours the brave - so let the battle commence!!

Viking Steed - Jay Warnes
Big Sky Over Glastonbury - Brian Clarke
Rock Strata - Malcolm Balmer


Best of Year Competition

The Best of Year competition was a feast of excellent photography and it was extremely encouraging to see the high number of submissions represented by such a large percentage of members.

We were privileged to have Duncan Armour DPAGB from Taunton Camera Club as our judge. His thoughtful, consistent and constructive critiques were an education and greatly appreciated by everyone present.

With such fierce competition it was difficult to select a winner for each category, but the final results are below, and congratulations to all.


Jay Warnes​​​​ - Viking Steed


Brian Clarke​​​​ - Big Sky Over Glastonbury


Malcolm Balmer​​​ - Rock Strata

A comprehensive list of the Best of Year competition results can be viewed by clicking the image below:

The following images were highly commended by the judge in a very close run competition - congratulations to everyone for your outstanding contribution. Every image that was submitted for the judges scrutiny afforded us an opportunity to learn from his experience and hone our skills further!

Fire Wood - Jay Warnes
Kaffir Lily - Sarah Simpson
Ticking - Roger Gibson


Macro and Close up Competition

Despite the bitter weather there was a good turnout for the annual Macro Competition where members could submit either digital or print images for internal judging. Unlike the Shoot a Theme competition, where prints swept the board, this time digital images took the first three places. In third position was Roger Gibson's superbly sharp shot entitled "Ticking". Runner up was Sarah Simpson with her beautiful composition "Kaffir Lily" and the winner was Jay Warnes with his imaginative image "Fire Wood”.

The macro competition is a fairly new addition to the club's calendar but is proving very popular. It was gratifying to see an increased number of entries and a much higher standard of photography compared to last year. The variety of subjects certainly ensured that judging was a challenge.

During the coffee break, members were shown images taken from the evening photo shoot to Shaftesbury which took place earlier in the month. The "blue" hour/evening photography is a new aspect of camera work for many members so being in a group offered the opportunity to ask questions and obtain tips. For those unable to join the outing, seeing the images certainly provided encouragement to give this genre of photography a go!!! Please refer to the Photoshoot section of this website to view some of the photographs.


Shoot a Theme - Wood

An exciting evening was enjoyed by all with the annual Shoot a Theme competition where members submit up to three images (digital, print or a mixture of both) for internal judging. A total of 15 points can be awarded under three sections, each carrying 5 points, namely technique (composition, photographic technique, colour) creativity (interpretation, originality, artistry) and personal opinion.

This year, the theme was "Wood" and with 40 digital images and 10 prints, competition was fierce. Wide interpretation of the theme and some very original subject matter made judging extremely difficult but also stimulating. It certainly forced everyone to think carefully about how they awarded their marks.

Although fewer in number, prints swept the board, taking first, second and third places with Brian Clarke proving a worthy winner with his mono image entitled "Seen Better Days". It was a delight to see Janet Matthews gain her first competition placing, coming second with her beautiful colour print of a woodland scene. In third place, relative newcomer Pam Watts built on her winning reputation with a wonderful moody print, also black and white, of a boat wreck on the shore. Congratulations go to all three and we look forward to learning what theme Brian selects for next year's competition.

In the coffee break members hugely enjoyed a slide show of images taken at the recent night photo shoot at Weymouth, some of which can be seen in the Photoshoot section of the website.

Seen Better Days - Brian Clarke
Autumn at Hilliers Arboretum - Janet Matthews
The Grace Darling - Pam Watts
Artichoke - Pam Watts
Viking Steed - Jay Warnes
Titanic sky - Fo Bugler


Overton Cup

Last Tuesday's meeting, our annual black and white competition for the Overton Cup, was once again a great success. The meeting was very well attended and the standard of the entries was, in the words of our judge, "very high" so well done to all who entered.

Pam Watts deservedly swept the board, taking both the best print and best digi image award.

Congratulations to you Pam, on a very successful evening!

The winners in the print section were:

1st. Place Sainte Cecile by Pam Watts
2nd. Norton from Stoke by Brian Clarke
3rd. The Ribblehead Viaduct by Malcolm Balmer

Highly Commended: Guardian by Brian Clarke
Highly Commended: Swanage Dawn by Malcolm Balmer

The winners in the digi section were:

1st. Artichoke by Pam Watts
2nd. Viking Steed by Jay Warnes
3rd. Titanic Sky by Fo Bugler

Highly commended: Spot Chaser by Chris Dowding
Highly Commended:Forde Abbey by Elizabeth Jubb
Highly Commended: Misty Walk by Sarah Simpson

Here is a selection of the highly commended and other outstanding images from the Overton Cup competition, which all helped to make such an entertaining and informative evening!


Bradford Abbas Shield

Tuesday 24th October saw five clubs, namely South Petherton, Wincanton, Shaftesbury, SBACC and Yeovil, compete for the coveted Bradford Abbas Shield.
The theme was "Agriculture" and with members attending from all the participating clubs, this was a very busy and excellent night for the club.
The quality of entries was high, and this was reflected by the small difference between the highest and lowest scores which were as follows:

1. South Petherton Photographic Society 174 points
2. Shaftesbury Camera Club 169 points
3. Wincanton Camera Club 168 points
4. Sherborne and Bradford Abbas Camera Club 160 points
5. Yeovil Camera Club 159 points

Each club entered five digital images and five prints and some of the highest scoring images are shown on the left.

Tractor Driver - Steve chick

Suckling Pigs - James Mcinnes

Precision Drilling - Roger Gibson (SBACC)

Smoke on Water - Fo bugler (SBACC)

Farming Country - Rob Cochran (Wincanton)

Below is the trophy being presented by our chairman, Malcolm Balmer, to very worthy winners South Petherton.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

SABACC Shield winners, South Petherton
Tractor Driver Steve Chick
Suckling Pigs James Mcinnes
Smoke on the Water - Fo Bugler SBACC
Precision drilling Roger Gibson SBACC

Previous competitions

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