Here are a few FAQs - if you can't find your answer here, please feel free to browse our Contacts page and contact us directly using the various methods available there.

What time do meetings begin and end?

We meet at 7.30 and conclude by 9.30.

Can members bring guests to meetings?

Yes, guests are always welcome! We are happy for people to bring a friend along to get a feel for what we do and how we do it.

Is it obligatory to enter competitions?

No - entering competitions is encouraged as it is a very good way to learn and improve, but it is by no means obligatory. The main aim of the club is to have fun and learn something along the way - silverware is an added bonus!

How much is your subscription fee?

Our subscription fee is £35 per annum, to include tea, coffee and biscuits.

Do you have on site parking?

Yes, we have a car park and several off road parking spaces available for members on club nights.

Should I bring any equipment to club meetings?

No - unless you want to show us your latest shiny new gear!

Can I shoot on film, or just digital?

You can shoot your images on any media that you prefer, and either print them for display or submit them as digital images for projection. If you do print them they must be correctly mounted - see our Guide to Print Mounting in the Resources section.

Do I need to reside in Sherborne or Bradford Abbas to join?

No - we accept members from many local towns and villages, including Yeovil, Milborne Port, Odcombe and West Coker to name a few - if you can get here, you are more than welcome!

What is the maximum club membership?

There is no maximum limit on the number of members, but as we host inter club meetings with other local camera clubs there are occasions where limits are applied due to the size of the village halls.