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  1. Hi all

    I would just like to say how pleased I was to see that some of you were inspired enough by my Flash presentation to go out, buy some gear and use it so effectively! Chas Williams and Roger Gibson especially, as your flash shots in this weeks Macro competition were great – after just 2 weeks of owning the gear!

    Warms my cockles!

  2. We are featured in the March 9th edition of Amateur Photographer magazine – we’ve created a separate Blog item for all the details!

  3. Congratulations to Jay for his winning logo!
    His prize will be presented at our next meeting on the 10th April.
    I look forward to seeing it on our web pages.

  4. The club has invested in a shiny new projector, so our projected images can again compete with our competition prints! The resolution is impressive – we will need to re-size our images for projection to 1920H x 1200W, 72 dpi for optimal results.

    Our Macro & Close-up competition was the guinea pig for the new projector – we were suitably impressed and all of the winning entries were dpi’s this time around (our last competition saw the prints run away with the prizes).

  5. Club Logo competition!!!!

    Don’t forget that we are running the logo competition this month! Anyone with some artistic talent (so that’s basically everyone at the club) can enter a design that we can use to best represent and promote the club. The closing date is the end of March, entries to the usual email address!

    Good luck!!!

  6. Calling all members! The Members Galleries page is ready to populate, so if you want us to showcase your work please let us know and email the images you want to show to the Club email address 😀

    Also, if you are interested in being our next Featured Member please contact me and I will arrange it for next month!

  7. It’s great to have the new website and very encouraging to members to see their images in the galleries. Onward and upward!!

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