Welcome to the SBA Camera Club Members Galleries. Each member featured has selected a number of images that best illustrate their photographic interests and talent. You can see an additional gallery on our Featured Members page, currently showcasing a selection of fine images by Steve Davenport.

Dave Chapman

Those of you that have got to know Dave well will know that he is a cheerful character with a great sense of humour. He says that he first got into serious photography in the early days of his career in the Police force. In those days, he was taking scene of crime photographs with a 6 x 4 plate camera!

These days he has fully embraced digital technology and is always keen to expand his collection of camera gear via eBay! Dave has a great eye for spotting a candid image or seeing the detail in a composition.


Steve Orbiston


Malcolm Balmer

Please visit Malcolm's website, Dorset Camera to view a larger selection of his admirable work. The site is home to a growing collection of photographs taken on Malcolms travels throughout Dorset and further afield.


Mike Herrmann

Mike has been a keen amateur photographer from an early age, obtaining his first camera aged 11, and dabbling in the darkroom with an enlarger by 13! His interest continued to grow, and by the 1980's he was developing and printing colour film. His work frequently prevented him from being as active as he would have wished but the advent of digital photography and retirement rekindled his interest with a new found enthusiasm. Today he boasts a full frame digital camera and a good selection of lenses, and is again able to print his own work. He is active in two camera clubs, and having achieved his licentiate-ship with the RPS he is considering an attempt at becoming an associate.

To see more great examples of Mikes work please visit his website at www.mikeherrmann.co.uk/


Jay Warnes

Jays photography aims to give people a glimpse of how he sees the world and its people, mixed in with a few ideas that lurk in the dark corners of his mind! It's a creative outlet that allows him to get an idea or an interpretation of a scene into being at the speed of light, rather than waiting for the paint to dry.

You can see more examples of his art, design and photography at Bluebox on facebook.

Elizabeth Jubb

Elizabeth is a long-standing member of the SBA Camera Club and holds a key position on the clubs committee. More importantly she is a very enthusiastic, talented and creative photographer, having been rewarded for her efforts with a trophy or two in the club competitions.

As well as capturing these very worthy images, it must be mentioned that Liz is equally talented when it comes to baking the clubs annual mince pies - like her photographs, simply gorgeous!


Pam Watts

Pam is a relatively new member of the club, but has already won us over with her charm, wit and obvious photographic talent! She has been known to make a clean sweep of competitions, submitting well deserved shots that have impressed her fellow members and judges alike.

Pam is also a member of the committee, taking on the role of communications, which she is certainly proving to be more than capable.

You can see more of Pam's work on our Competition pages, where she is often featured (occasionally nabbing the silverware)!

Chris Dowding

Chris is possibly the clubs most modest photographer, but as you can see from her gallery she is more than capable of producing outstanding images!

Chris's passion for natural history photography has seen her travel far and wide, capturing the exotic and local wildlife with the same flare, precision and technical ability that has earned her placings and silverware in the clubs competitive arena (and she makes a decent cuppa too)!

Chris Edgecombe

Chris is one of the clubs newest and least experienced members, but as you can see from his gallery, he has already amassed a collection of mature and interesting compositions. Traditionally a landscape photographer but is happy to try new things.

Chris’s passion for learning and experimentation has seen him develop dramatically since joining the club and he is always eager to try something different as a means to keep expanding the boundaries of his comfort zone in order to improve his photography. His latest foray into experimentation has seen his skills in monochrome, post processing and 35mm film photography take a substantial leap forward, and as such he has been rewarded with placings and silverware in the clubs competitive arena which is quite an achievement considering his short time with the club.


Roger Gibson

Roger is a long standing club member and former Competitions and Programme secretary on the committee. He regularly picks up competition placings and has recently been expanding his skill-set into flash photography.

Roger's ability to experiment with new techniques and equipment is an inspiration to other members, producing some unique ideas which have earned him some well deserved kudos!

Sarah Simpson

Sarah has a well deserved reputation for producing stunning images of her favourite subject - flowers! But as you will see from the images presented here, it's not all flora - Sarahs range of creative ideas and technical prowess extends to many and varied subjects.

She is always well represented in the club competitions, taking the silverware on multiple occasions! Her eye for great composition and attention to detail keep her at the forefront of the clubs creative envelope.