Welcome to our Photoshoot Page, where you can see what we get up to when we are let loose on the world! We often organise photoshoots & workshops outside of Club hours, both indoors and out. We are occasionally joined by other experienced photographers who offer assistance and advice along the way. For details of our next adventure please see our Events Programme or check out our Blog for news & updates.


Outdoor Shoot to Yetminster

The end of season outdoor shoot took place this year in Yetminster. Although to passers-by it was a glorious sunny evening, for photographers, dealing with the variant light posed quite a challenge!

The aim of the exercise was to practice getting an image right in camera rather than relying on software afterwards. There was a time limit of one hour, and no editing was allowed. Members select their preferred four images which are then combined into a slide show back at Bradford Abbas village hall.

Considering the constraints limited time places on movement there was an excellent variety of imagery. Whilst there were several landscape views of the church there was also a high level of detail in the macro shots of door handles, flowers, stonework and carving, as well as some imaginative scenes of the railway line and nearby countryside. With some 18 photographers roaming the village there was a competitive spirit to source original settings, and the final results reflected the high level of technical expertise that now exists within the club.


Shaftesbury Night Photoshoot

As an alternative to the cancelled Sherborne Night shoot, a visit to Shaftesbury was planned. This was intended to provide a further opportunity to put into practice the Night Shooting techniques demonstrated by Tony Worobiec last October and followed the evening Weymouth shoot on 1 Dec 2017.
Eight club members attended on a cold but dry night.
The iconic Gold Hill was the first location for most of the group. However, the harsh sodium lights created quite a challenge, bathing everything in a yellow cast. Black and white conversions were used by several photographers to deal with the colour cast. Fo made a return visit a few days later to photograph Gold Hill at dusk with pale tones of blue and pink in the sky.
The alleyways and dark corners of the town were explored in pursuit of creative light and shadow shots. The High Street created opportunities for car light trails.
It was again nice to hear friendly banter and see the sharing of ideas and techniques.
The evening produced a wide range of excellent images with each photographer capturing their own interpretation of Shaftesbury at Night.
A slide show of images from the night is planned for the club meeting on 27th February.

Chris Edgecombe
Jay Warnes
Malcolm Balmer


Weymouth Low light and Night Shoot

Following our most inspiring talk by Tony Worobiec FRPS we decided that a night out in Weymouth would create the ideal opportunity to practice the skills taught by Tony.
We were very lucky with the weather, providing you had wrapped up well to keep out the freezing temperatures!
Various locations on the seafront and around the old harbour were photographed.

As usual on our shoots there was a lot of jovial banter and sharing of ideas and help.
The general view was that more practice is required to perfect the techniques explained by Tony. However, despite the challenges, some excellent images were produced by all. 
A return visit sometime in the New Year has been suggested.
On the 23rd January a slide show of all the favourite images from the night will be presented at the club for discussion.


Forde Abbey Photoshoot

This was a great day in a wonderful location. Ample to focus on (haha) and good weather.
Everyone did their own thing, meeting up for two or three coffees during the day.
As always, lots of laughter, but equally lots of serious photography with generous lending of lenses and equipment with hints, advice and critique.

Red Leaf


Lytes Cary Photoshoot

On Saturday 29th July there was a camera club photo shoot to Lytes Cary.
Sadly, the weather was dull with intermittent showers making it difficult to take advantage of the beautiful gardens.
However, it did leave time for coffee conversations which proved extremely helpful in terms of discussing different lenses, how to cope with difficult light, the use of filters and overcoming the inclement weather.
Although only a small group took part, there was good social interaction and despite the showers, some worthwhile photography was achieved.

Pastel Sparkler
Tony Hilton
Roger Gibson
Malcolm Balmer


Club photoshoot

At the last meeting, the club had a most enjoyable photo shoot for one hour in Sherborne. It was a beautiful evening and members took full advantage of the excellent light to photograph the evening sun shining on Sherborne’s historic buildings, and the shadows cast in the gardens.  These were some of the many photo opportunities that were found around the ancient streets

Returning to Bradford Abbas Village Hall for refreshments, the very creditable results of the evening’s efforts were projected onto the screen for discussion and some light hearted banter.