Upcoming Workshops....


Our next planned workshop is on the 12th March, where Jay Warnes will be demonstrating various techniques to get the best out of flash photography, using studio lights and on-camera units. This will be an interactive evening, so please bring your cameras and flashguns with you and join in the fun! There is also talk of a portrait workshop with Fo and Jay - watch this space for further details 😀


Lightroom Workshop

On Saturday 27 January, Malcolm Balmer led a workshop on Lightroom. A superb digital presentation accompanied by an easily understood dialogue covering all major aspects of the software, left members with a far clearer understanding of what Lightroom offers.

The two hour session covered workflow, cataloguing, collections, developing, short cut keys and tremendous advice on how to get the best from Lightroom. Malcolm also provided an excellent digital copy of the slides he presented which will prove an invaluable tool when it comes to putting into practice all that was learnt at the workshop.

Lightroom is a powerful development tool which many members have not had the opportunity fully to explore. Malcolm's presentation has fired us with enthusiasm and we are extremely grateful to him for all the work he put in to running such a professional induction course.


RPS Accreditations Workshop

On Saturday 25th November Mike Hermann and Norman Crabb presented a workshop about how they worked towards, and achieved, their distinctions.

It was such an interesting morning, with lots of interaction between members and presenters.

A lot of thought went into putting this workshop together, so many thanks to you both.

The morning was a great insight into the way the RPS accreditation works and Mike and Norman encouraged us all to think about having a go and hopefully, some of us will.

Mikes panel can be seen left, with the 'eleventh' image below.


Photoshop Workshop

At a very well attended meeting, Jay Warnes gave us a presentation on Photoshop, showing us all the tricks and methods he employs in post processing.

Along with many others present, I learned new ways in which the programme can be used, and squeezing the use of most of the Photoshop tools into two hours was definitely a considerable achievement.

Needless to say we overran, but the coup de grace for me came when, after our chairman had called time Jay explained the use of the gradient tool, which has now become a firm part of my processing routine.

Thank you Jay for a most enjoyable session - I think that all of us who were lucky enough to be there have taken a substantial step forward in our post processing skills.


Sherborne Castle Photoshoot with Huw Alban, May 2017

What an enjoyable day we had!  The weather was kind to us too.

We all went our separate ways from the start and Huw caught up with us in turn, giving us 1:1 tips and advice.

Some of us needed a break for coffee (!) but we all met up for lunch and a general chat about the morning session.

Thanks Huw for a very enjoyable, informative and well run day.