Mark Taylor

My interest in photography started at school with B&W film and dark room printing. From then I always owned a camera but only became a serious amateur when I first joined a camera club in 2014, entering competitions and learning from judges’ critiques. Mostly I take photographs at events or on walks and visits to various places. Some landscapes, wildlife, close ups, anything with an engine and wheels, and people.

My favourites are “in the moment” and/or people. That means motor racing action, people’s expressions or a glimpse of an animal, taking the shot before it moves. One of my favourite places is Goodwood during their various motoring events where I particularly enjoy capturing images of drivers and riders whom I have admired during their racing careers. Being a member of a good camera club helps inspire us in many ways, from seeing other members’ work, listening to critiques from judges or joining photoshoots spurring us to try something new. We never stop learning!