Dropbox - submitting digital images for club competitions and other events

Within the SBACC's Dropbox account every member will have their own folder into which you can upload your entries. You will be able to see that your images are safely uploaded and, up to the entry deadline, you can make as many changes as you like. Here is how it will work:

First time use

You will receive an email from - SBACC Club (via Dropbox) no-reply@dropbox.com - that will look similar to this:

Click on the blue box (it may say something different if you do not already use Dropbox) and you will be taken to your folder. First time you will be asked for a password, which is your normal Dropbox one if you already have an account, or you create a new password which you must remember for future use.

Uploading images

Use the link in the email at any time (or save as a Favourite/Bookmark) to revisit your folder and upload your images. Dropbox will just see them as files, so just follow the Dropbox guidance to add your images.

As always, we project images in a 1920 (w) x 1200 (h) pixel window using the sRGB colour space in JPEG format, so please resize your images accordingly and make sure you preview them using sRGB.

Please name your files in this format: n title.jpg

  • n is a single digit number and you put 1, 2, 3… to show your order of preference, and there is a space between the number and the title.
    We usually allow 3 entries per person, but we will inform you if any ever allows a different number. Sometimes, we have too many entries in which case we will enter your images in order of preference which we may limit to, say, 2 per person.
  • title can be multiple words, no need for underscore to separate them.
  • no space between the end of the title and .jpg
  • example 1 lovely landscape.jpg

If you change your mind about your entries at any time up to the entry deadline, you can delete and upload image files as often as you like.

After competition entry deadline

I will take your images out of your folders and put them into a competition folder and will run the competition on the evening. Your folder will now be empty awaiting uploads for the next event.

If you have any problems with this, please email Mark Taylor in the first instance.