Programme 2023/24

The club meets at the Bradford Abbas village hall, starting at 7.30 and usually concluding by 9.30pm. Full location details and an interactive map can be found on our Contact page. In addition to our set programme below, we organise regular photoshoots throughout the year. You'll find a list of these on the here.

Day Date Event Description
Tuesday 12 September AGM
Plus members summer images for discussion.
Tuesday 26 September Viewing of SBACC photographs for the Bradford Abbas Shield
We will be selecting 5 prints and 5 digital images.
Tuesday 10 October Our speaker this evening is Jane Tearle, a local girl who comes from Cerne Abbas.
Her Facebook page tells you all you need to know about her outstanding photographs.
Her talk to us this evening is “Vietnam a Sense of Place”
Tuesday 24 October Bradford Abbas Shield Competition
This year, there will be 5 DPIs and 5 prints per club. This year’s theme is Sky.
Defined as follows: A photograph of the sky, or part of, day or night. And including photographs where the sky forms a predominant part, or makes a significant contribution to the mood of, the photograph judged by Norman Marsh
Tuesday 14 November Rob Nolan is a highly acclaimed Dorset based photographer
He will be speaking to us about his excellent landscape photography and how he achieves his images, many of which are taken in the county. Rob is also a very accomplished Astro Photographer and after the break he will be showing us his Astro images and how he achieved the shots.
Tuesday 28 November The Overton Cup
Our annual black and white competition of digital images.
Our Judge will be John Tilsley.
Tuesday 12 December Seasonal social get-together with a competition The Most Unusual Image
Each member can submit up to two Digital Projected Images.
Images to be submitted no later than midnight on 9th December 2024.
Tuesday 9 January Critique Evening
An Evening critiquing members photographs, any subject no specific topic with critiquing by Laura Pearce.
Tuesday 23 January Shoot a Theme Competition
Internal judging by members. The theme this year chosen by last year’s winner Ally is motion blur. Ally says that means proper motion blur not camera shake!
Tuesday 13 February 4th Keith Lane Lecture
This year’s 4th Keith Lane Lecture will be given by Millie Pilkington. Millie is one of the UK’s most respected and accomplished portrait photographers, specialising in children and family. Her images have beauty, authenticity, and artistry the result of her boundless energy, humour and professionalism. Millie is based near Sherborne, and her portrait commissions take her far and wide across the UK and abroad. Millie has photographed many of the great and the good including The Queen and other members of The Royal Family. A visit to her web site is highly recommended.
Tuesday 27 February Post-production Challenge
Members are invited to take one of their out of camera images and post process it. This will give the member the opportunity to experiment and develop many avantgarde techniques perhaps turning the image into a drawing or cartoon, changing colours in light channels, creating a mono conversion, or perhaps even employing an Infrared technique. On the evening the before and after images will be shared, critiqued and the techniques used discussed.
Tuesday 12 March Interactive talk by our very own Mat Phillips : 'Shooting from the Hip'
As a relatively new member he is keen to stress that it is not simply a gallery of his favourite photographs, but a reflection on what he, and probably most of us, aim to achieve as enthusiastic amateurs - where our captured images are more likely to be reactive than planned. People, travel and nature will feature prominently, but the emphasis and underlying thread will be about how particular images make us feel, and why competition judges can miss the point!
Tuesday 26 March Macro and Close-up competition
This year will be judged by Alan Denison.
'close-up' = any image that shows the subject closer and in greater detail than would normally be seen with the naked eye is counted as a close-up photograph. An image would typically contain an area of view of no more than 18” by 18” and may in fact be much less than this.
Tuesday 9 April Our speaker tonight Jeanette Lenden
We all know that the best camera is the one that you have with you and often that is your phone. Our speaker tonight, Jeanette Lenden, is an expert in the field of smartphone photography. Her company Jet Black Squares teaches and runs workshops to enable us to get the very best out of the cameras on our Smartphones.
Smartphone photography has gained great kudos over the last few years, because the camera capabilities on our phones can now rival that of DSLRs.
Jeanette will give you the skills to utilise your smartphone camera better and show you how to realise its full photographic potential. You will come away with a greatly increased knowledge about your Smartphone camera, as well as some tips and tricks to help you get those creative shots.
Wednesday 10 April Smartphone Workshop
Following last night’s talk, Jeanette will be running a workshop she calls a Smartphone Safari, so that we can put into practice, with her guidance, the methods and tips she spoke about yesterday evening.
Tuesday 23 April Gary Holpin - The South West Coast Path
Gary will present us with his experiences of walking The South West Coast Path as a backdrop for a photographic tour of the coastline of the South West with a little excursion onto Dartmoor too exploring some of the best photographic locations that Devon has to offer.
Ian spent many years operating commercial photo labs, tackling many technical photographic problems, including a time as the Manager of the Photographic Section at NASA's Langley Research Centre. He spent 18 years owning or managing commercial labs around the US. While standing in small dark rooms, he processed something in excess of 10,000 miles of E-6 slide film and has shot almost 1,000,000 stock images with subjects as varied as ornithology, landscape and transportation primarily in New England. Ian will be sharing some of his methods and techniques with us and giving us a flavour of life in the US.
Tuesday 14 May SBACC Annual Open Competition
Judge by Laura Pearce.
Tuesday 28 May Outdoor photoshoot, venue to be decided

Submitting Images

All competition, photoshoot and gallery images should be uploaded to your member's DropBox folder when requested, resized to 1920px x 1200px (72 dpi) and in the RGB colour space to suit the clubs projector.